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Denny Rowland

Cyprus From the Air

"From the air, the islands volcanic past is clearly evident. The spectacular terraced vineyards, that dominate the West Side of the Island, are the result of centuries of hard labor. Flat plains that are a few meters above sea level rise to the lofty peaks of Troodos at 1951 Meters." .

 "It has often been written that nowhere else on earth will one find a similar size of land with such a diversity of natural and man made environments."

Denny Rowland, Photographer

Tore Ofteness

The Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

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"Perhaps more than most places in the "Lower 48" states, the Pacific Northwest offers a wealth of subject matter for aerial photography; We are spoiled for choice, as the Brits say. We have Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, the Pacific Coast and Cascade Mountains. I am most drawn to the mountains. In Winter and Spring they are covered in snow and in the Autumn the melted snow has exposed the dark, craggy nature of the peaks."

Tore Ofteness, Photographer

George R. Lawrence and the Lawrence Captive Airship

A selection of aerial photographs from the years 1901 to 1910

George R. Lawrence is often called America's first commercial aerial photographer At the turn of the century Lawrence, who was already an accomplished panoramic photographer, turned his attention to the aerial view producing an astonishing series of aerial photographs. Throughout his career as a photographer Lawrence used a variety of means to achieve the aerial view. This show focuses on images taken from the Lawrence Captive Airship. A series of kites he perfected to lift specially designed panoramic cameras aloft.

Cameras that produced mammoth negatives. The one of Washington D. C. is a staggering 87 inches in length and is perhaps the largest single piece of film ever exposed from the air. None are smaller than 25 inches with the majority in the 40 to 50 inch range. The negatives were then contact printed to produce large panoramic murals with outstanding clarity and detail.

Cities and Towns 1901 - 1909

Gallery One

Gallery Two

Industry 1906 - 1909

Gallery Three

Gallery Four

The San Francisco Earthquake

 of 1906

Gallery Five

California and Nevada 1906 - 1908

Gallery Six

Misc. Subjects 1904 - 1910

Gallery Seven

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

Akron Works, Akron, Ohio

Nob Hill

Point Conception CA

Balloon Festival

Marco van Middelkoop

Marco has created an interesting series of images displayed in the classic Triptych style of three interrelated panels composed around a central theme. As far as I am aware this is the first Aerial Photography exhibit to be displayed in this fashion.The images have been orginized into three galleries each with a unique central theme.

Gallery One

The Abstract   We fly and we create an illusion

Gallery Two

Landscape  We fly and we cherish what we see

Gallery Three

Food for Thought   We fly and we cherish an illusion

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