Artists Bio

Denny Rowland

     My first job when I left school was working for a formula one motor racing team, circa 1959. I ended up in the design office working as the team's designer/draughtsman. By today's standards it was very much a hit or miss affair. Typically I would draw the components after we had made them. I later formed my own company and did a little racing myself; this kept me busy for the next twenty years. For purely logistical reasons I began flying which then led me into starting a sideline importing Nikon Cameras from Holland. This is when my love affair with high quality cameras first began. It wasn't long before my interest in producing high performance race engines began to fade, in essence I was totally burned out and needed a rest and found in favour of a quieter and more fulfilling life in Sports Photography and then Aerial Photography.

Today at 62 I am still working but in a far less stressful environment, I moved to Cyprus to enjoy three months of snow skiing in the winter, barefoot water skiing in the summer, a game of squash twice a week with the National Champion plus the odd game of Golf. It is said that you will get younger if you swim in the waters of Fontana Amourosa. But what really attracted me to Cyprus was the opportunity to produce Cyprus from the Air and introduce the commercial aspect of Aerial Photography to a country that did not realize it needed it. I did not bring my aeroplane to Cyprus so I teamed up with a local guy (Avgoustinos Avgousti) who owns a very old version of the vertical fin C150; with a little teamwork it does the job. Everything is shot with a Canon 1Ds. Mk1.

When studying the work of Yann Arthus Bertrand it is evident to us all that spectacular images such as his don't come and find you, you must spend a lot of time and effort with your eyes wide open in a relentless task searching for them. I am glad that this great man has also chosen to focus his attention on this Island and I will watch with interest and admiration to see his forthcoming rendition.

The book is dedicated to helicopter pilot Denis Keyon jnr. who went down and was sadly lost in England.

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